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Feb 2, 2017


Hi all! We have a re-run for you today: one of our favorite episodes about superheroes! It is also the first episode in which we play "fictional five".

Our main segment is about superhero fatigue, in which we discuss both comic book movie/tv universes but mostly Marvel! Superheroes - passe or here to stay? Superheroes have made the jump from comic book pages to screens big and small. Is the culture saturated? Who are our favorites? Who are we tired of? Also: if we had superpowers, what would they be?

Plus, tangents!

Spoiler: Meg and Jen are not particularly "Superhero Fatigued".

As always, our delightful intro/outro music is "We are Highscore" by Krackatoa

For more details, find us on twitter @indoorswomen and read about the #indoorswomencivilwar

Jen: Team Cap

Meg: Team Iron Man