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Aug 30, 2018


Inspired by The Meg and Shark Week, today we are talking sharks in pop culture. We discuss these and some of our favorites: Jaws, The Shallows, Sharknado, and some shoutouts to random sharks in pop culture.

But, before we get to the sharks, we have a special presentation! Jen interviews Meg about her...

Aug 16, 2018

I'm vacationing so you guys get a dose of my thoughts on pop culture + vacation. Lots of rambling, very few actual recommendations... -Jen

And then our re-run about nostalgia culture!! Original show notes: 

Today we are talking about nostalgia. Reboots, remakes, and callbacks to other eras dominate our movies and...

Aug 2, 2018

You guessed it. We’re talking about parallel universes in pop culture—alternate dimensions, bizarro worlds, multiverses, you name it. If there’s an evil goateed counterpart of a beloved character, we’ve got it covered. Fringe, Buffy, Futurama, and more!

Plus we fan cast adaptations for a couple of our favorite...